User Access: The Essentials

Understand how hierarchies work within our system so you can establish them within the data you upload.

On EngageRocket, we have established 3 distinct users:

  1. Company Administrator

  2. Manager

  3. Employee

The Company Administrator controls all the important features, such as Uploading of Employees in our database, Survey Setup and Managing Communications. There can be several Company Administrators for a single company, as these users are in charge of customising the survey experience for their company. They have access to all the records of surveys, and in most cases, access to the Survey Responses from all users. Do note that this can impact your Data Confidentiality, and as such you should not have more administrators than necessary. 

The Manager, on the other hand, has access to the Dashboard, and only the results of his Team. It is important to remember that these Managers cannot set up surveys themselves and do not have access to personal information beyond what is needed.

The last type of user, the Employee, only has access to the Surveys when they receive a link to submit their responses, during the period of the Survey Cycle. They will not have any login credentials, and should only require to know their Unique ID in order to access Surveys if they do not hold an email address.

Why is this important to know?

When uploading your employee list, there may be many errors that can emerge if the users of our platform are not correctly mapped out during the upload of the Employee List.

Be sure to follow and understand these essential ideas:

  1. A Manager cannot have himself/herself as their own manager, under the Manager's email field in the Excel spreadsheet you upload. 

  2. There are tiers to the access between Managers. If a Manager named Jane reports to another Manager named John, John will be able to view the survey results of all the Employees who report to Jane. This logic in viewing rights extends to Managers of John, and anyone above him. You need not grant someone rights as a Company Administrator to allow them to see results along a hierarchy.

Any discrepancies within your Excel spreadsheet may prevent you from the successful upload of your Employees/Managers.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!