Possible Errors While Uploading your Employee List

Understand the possible errors that can emerge while uploading your employee list, and the best way to resolve them.

Common Error 1 - Valid Column Names

The Column Header names should not be edited, as they should map to the Attributes you have chosen. Be sure to use only the template you have downloaded from EngageRocket. If you have changed your mind about what Attributes you wish to track about your organisation, edit them from the Attributes Page located under Manage Employees, and make the changes there instead. After your changes are done, export the excel template from EngageRocket for your population. For additional reference on how to edit your Attributes, refer to our help article Setting Attributes.

Common Error 2 - Data Entry Errors

Each employee is identified by first their Email Address and then the Unique Identifier field. If your organization has employees that do not have email addresses, the Email Address column can be left blank, but the Unique Identifier column has to be completed. If there is any discrepancy between these 2 columns, our application interface will prompt the user during the upload.

A Manager needs to have a separate entry for them if they are listed as anyone else's manager in the Manager's Email column. Not doing so will generate an error whereby the system allows upload of all correct entries, but prevents a Manager profile for being created for the missing data. An error message will say "The following manager emails do not exist and were not added as manager to users".

Common Error 3: Managers reporting to themselves

Another potential issue that can emerge is adding the manager's email in his/her own Manager's Email column. If a manager has no person to report to above him/her, the Manager's Email entry for that manager should be blank.

Common Error 4: Duplicate emails or Unique IDs

Email addresses or Unique IDs must be different for every employee. Attempting to upload employees with the same Unique ID will generate errors. Do remember that this field is case-sensitive, so IDs like '001' are not equivalent to '1'.

Common Error 5: File Format Error

Saving the file in a format other than .xls or .xlsx: Some database file formats are saved in the .csv format by default but this is not read by EngageRocket. You would have to save it in .xls or .xlsx format in order to import that database successfully.  Macros or Filters active in the File: Any file which has any active Macro or Filtering active within the file will generate errors during the upload. Do remember to remove all additional formatting before attempting to upload your completed Employee List.

Common Error 6: Plan Limit

You are only able to add as many paid users as your subscription plan. Attempting to add paid users will not be allowed without updating your Subscription Plan.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at support@engagerocket.co We're here to assist you every step of the way!