Data Confidentiality

We take confidentiality very seriously.

At EngageRocket, we work hard to keep things confidential. We believe that confidentiality builds the foundation for honest and constructive feedback. To protect confidentiality, we have put in place the following uncompromising practices:

  1. Responses are always confidential unless specified. People managers or the company administrator(s) will never see any individual responses.

  2. The comments to the open-ended questions will be shared, the associated identify of the individual participant is not.

  3. People manager or the company administrator(s) are unable to see who did and who did not respond to EngageRocket. They are only able to see the aggregate participation.

  4. We don't reveal any results until at least three responses have been collected (unless specified).

  5. We stand behind our commitment and we'd rather retire an account than breach confidentiality. At the same time, EngageRocket is not an avenue for death threats, bomb threats, terror threats, harassment, or any other criminal or abusive comments. If your survey response falls under any of these categories, we will review the comments on a case-by-case basis and may reveal the identity of the commenter and / or remove them from active participation in EngageRocket.


Confidentiality and anonymity, while quite different by definition, are often used interchangeably. Participation in an EngageRocket survey is confidential. Participants provide personal information (e.g. name, email address, department etc.), and can therefore be linked back to the results for meaningful analysis. In contrast, when participation is anonymous it is impossible to know whether or not an individual participated and, therefore, there is no way to determine the connection between individual participants and the results.

While the connection between the participants and the results are known, but the terms of the confidentiality agreement limit those who will know of this connection. We take confidentiality very seriously and hence individual responses will be used for analysis purposes and presented back to managers and company admins in aggregated scores only. In other words, identity of responses are protected.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Regarding type of data we collect as well as data retention, read our privacy policy here