Selecting raters for participants can often be the bane of 360 reviews. Depending on the scale of the 360 exercise, a top-down approach may be adopted. HR will select raters on behalf of the participants and to do so, they will embark on a tedious exercise of selecting raters for participants through a series of stakeholder interviews, organisation mapping, emailing back and forth and resorting to maybe even some guesswork. 

Increasingly, organisations are now trying the bottom-up approach and having participants self-select raters instead. Some research has shown that when 360 reviews are used for developmental purposes, allowing participants to select their own raters may enhance the acceptance of feedback by the participants without reducing the accuracy of ratings (Nieman-Gonder, 2006).  This may also enhance the autonomy given to participants and could transfer the ownership of rater participation to the participants themselves. 

Additionally, including an additional step of approval from a participant's manager on the list of selected raters may be very beneficial in providing a balanced perspective.

At EngageRocket, we provide for all three scenarios so that you may choose a method that best suit your culture and project preferences. As a company admin, you may decide how raters are selected for your projects under the preference page

  1. I will assign raters on behalf of participants

  2. Participants will self-select with approval

  3. Participants will self-select without approval

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