VAPT - Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

What is VAPT and why do tech companies need it?

Humans aren’t the only ones that need protection from viruses. The adoption of technology is increasing every day due to the growth in IoT devices. It is important for platforms to periodically conduct tests and protect themselves from any potential threats in the future.

VAPT or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is one such vital check that helps to improve the security level of our networks. EngageRocket has worked on two such tests - a Blackbox Test to focus on our network and how we serve our app, and a Greybox Test to check vulnerabilities in our web application.

What is VAPT?

A VAPT is a two-pronged proactive approach to strengthening an organization’s cyber defenses. During a VAPT, a comprehensive assessment of, and probe into the organization’s infrastructure is undertaken. The assessment is used to identify different types of vulnerabilities and assess the organization’s susceptibility to intrusion.

Benefits of VAPT:

  • Keeps financial data secure while transferring it between systems or over networks

  • Protects user data

  • Identifies security vulnerabilities within the application

  • Finds loopholes within the system

  • Implements effective security strategies

We at EngageRocket, are happy to share with you our recent successful VAPT results, on request. As we improve in providing you with innovative features every month, we also highly prioritize our tech upgrades - be it the technology stack or information security. Stay tuned for more!

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