Understanding the different roles

Reviewees, Reviewers, Report Reviewers, Approvers...who?

Who's who?

With multi-rater reviews, they can often get confusing with the different roles. So here's a simple guide to untangling the confusion.

These guys are the stars of the show! Reviewees are the ones who will be receiving feedback. While it may depend on how the reviews are done from organization to organization, often, it'd be a company admin who will be uploading a list of reviewees onto the EngageRocket platform to kickstart the reviews.

Simply put, reviewers will be the ones providing feedback to the reviewees. They may the from different reviewer groups i.e. Line Managers, Peers, Direct Reports, etc., and can be either assigned by the company admin or selected by the reviewees themselves with or without approval from the approver.

EngageRocket is enabled with the flexibility for reviewees to choose their own reviewers and submit them for approval. Approvers will be assigned by company admins for their respective reviewees and they will be the ones who'd either approve or reject a reviewee's reviewer selection. Once an approver has reviewed the list of reviewers with the reviewee, he/she will initiate the start of a review. On most occasions, the approver is the reviewee's direct manager, and also plays the role of the report reviewer. 

Report Reviewers
These guys will be the ones reviewing the results of the reviewees they are assigned to. Just like company admins and reviewees, they will too have their own dashboards where they will view the reviewee' results tagged to them. Report reviewers may be managers of reviewees or they could also be external coaches working with the reviewees.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at support@engagerocket.co We're here to assist you every step of the way!