The preferences page

Set the parameters of your project in the preference page.

This is the page where you will decide all the different parameters that will govern your project. Read on about the many features below:

Who is giving feedback?
Turn on or off rater groups you'd like to include for your 360 review. If it is simply a peer review, you may also turn off all groups except 'Peers'. You can also rename 'Others' in case you have a specific rater group that you would like to include.

Rater Selection
There are three different methods for raters to be selected for each participant. 

  1. Company admin, which usually is the HR department, can assign reviewers for participants. 

  2. Participants can choose reviewers themselves without approval

  3. Participants can choose their own reviewers with approval by an approver of your assignment. You can let approvers start the reviews by ticking the associated box. This will also ease your administration as an admin.

Rating Scale
The rating scale can also be fully customised as per your organisation's preference. You may also customise the labels of each scale, and begin the scale from 0 or 1. 

Finally, you can include a 'Not Applicable' option or allow raters to leave a comment after each question to explain why they gave a particular score.

Set up your branding here by uploading your logo. Your logo will then appear on the welcome page for every review as well as the cover of the PDF report that can be downloaded at the end of a review.

EngageRocket understands that different organisation has different levels of transparency. You can set the confidentiality threshold and decide if you'd like to display the names of raters who have provided their feedback.

Participant overall score
If you want an overall score for each participant, you can tick the Set an overall score for each participant box. You are then able to assign weightage to each of your rater groups by clicking Edit and type the weightage percentage you would prefer for each group. Make sure that the total weightage adds up to 100%.

Perfect! After you are done with defining the parameters of your review, you may start designing your questionnaire.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!