The Action Centre

Enter EngageRocket's solution: a powerful package that combines surveys with a wealth of actionable resources.

Get smarter and faster, with full access to our comprehensive library of leadership resources.

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Do you often find it hard to translate the myriad of advice offered on the internet into action? 

For leaders and HR professionals, this problem surfaces all too often as most leadership articles on the web seem to come with either a paywall or undisclosed terms. 

Fret no more! EngageRocket offers a package with a punch.

Along with the surveys you can run on our platform, we provide you with a comprehensive library of resources.  

Our library is constantly updated with new ideas. There is a wealth of information available, but it takes a lot of effort and self-motivation to establish a formal system for translating those ideas into action. This feature will cut the time you need in your search for inspiration dramatically.


Need advice on how to approach sensitive issues like compensation with your employees? 

How do companies like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn set performance targets for their employees, and how can you bring it back to your organization?

By browsing through our collections, you will be able to glean many different ideas. Each article is structured in a way that makes it easy to browse over a short break, with most of them having simple statements advising how to implement it within your company.

Articles in our Action Centre are also tagged to specific drivers. The Opportunities Tab identifies drivers that need some help in your organization, and through our intelligent recommendation system, articles specific to laggard drivers are assigned to your company to try. 

We are always open to new ideas, and welcome them wholeheartedly. 

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!