Product Releases 2023

Changes made to our product throughout 2023

7th December 2023 Release

QR code implemented on Forget Password Email

  • To allow easy access for clients when they're resetting their password, we've added a QR code to the forget password email

18th July 2023 Release

Enhancing user experience across the product

Search implemented for Permissions Page on Grow
  • We've implemented search on the grow permissions page to help admins quickly identify whom they would like to grant permissions to

Update made to compare segment exports

  • Compare Segments (Favourable Score) excel export - The export has been updated to reflect "-" instead of 0% when favourable score when the confidentiality threshold is not met

Implemented error message on employee list

  • We've enhanced our error messaging to give users a better idea of what error they are facing when they're trying to send out invites to our platform from the employee list

12th July 2023 Release

Text change on onboarding survey welcome page.

  • Minor text change has been applied to the welcome page for onboarding surveys.
    • "Your feedback will be analysed securely and confidentially." has been updated to "Your feedback will be analysed securely."

Q3 2023

8th July 2023 Release

Dashboard Updates - Ongoing

  • Custom dashboards for Pulse have been released to all customers - Please approach our customer success team for more details
  • Dashboards with a new interface for customers up to 1.5k employees have also been released. We will be rolling out the new dashboard to the rest of the customers in the upcoming months. 

Q2 2023

25th April 2023 Release

Employee List Updates

  • Customers can now integrate their HRIS system with EngageRocket's platform. With the integration, any updates done on the customer's HRIS will automatically sync to EngageRocket's employee list.
  • Customers that are interested in this integration can now reach out to their respective CSMs or for more information.

    Q1 2023

    March 21st 2023 Release

    Belong Updates (Pulse and Onboarding)

    • Survey Answering Page - Display translated text for default messages and buttons
      • Translated text will be displayed (for buttons and default text) on the survey answering page based on the language selected by the user.
      • This only applies to the default languages available on our platform. 
      • This excludes welcome and thank you messages.

    March 21st 2023 Release

    Belong Updates (Pulse and Onboarding)

    • Recipient Page : Increased attribute filters
      • Attribute filters on the recipient page (when selecting recipients for a survey) have been increased from 2 to 6. 

    January 16th 2023 Release

    Belong Updates (Pulse)
    • Topic Analysis: Multi-topics enabled
      • Our model will now return more than 1 topic for open-ended questions, to help customers identify open-ended answers that span across different topics. 
    • Sentiment Analysis: New sentiment introduced
      • Mixed sentiment is introduced
    • Impact analysis : New algorithm introduced
      • With the new algorithm, we will only display impact analysis when there is at least 60 responses

    For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!