Product Releases 2022

Changes made to our product throughout 2022

December 2022 Release

Belong (Pulse) - Syncing employee list with HRIS

  • Added empty state for syncing employee list with HRIS


  • Automated the triggering of email notifications once new Reviewers are added via excel when the review is running.

Server Maintenance Page

  • Added hubspot chat bubble to server maintenance page so that customers can reach out to the support team even during server maintenance.

November 2022 Release

Single Sign-On with Azure AD

  • Clients can now use Azure AD SSO to sign into EngageRocket's platform

Custom Benchmarks

  • Clients can now request for custom benchmarks to appear on their dashboards

Migration of support chat

  • Migrated from Intercom to Hubspot support chat 

October 2022 Release

Belong (Pulse) - Add new language

  • Added a Tagalog to pulse surveys

September 2022 Release

Grow - Text changes for clarity

  • When adding reviewers, change the text from "Add reviewer who’s not an employee" to "Add reviewer outside of employee list" on the sidebar

Belong (Pulse) excel export

  • Revamped the excel export on the dashboard to minimize post-extraction data cleanup necessary to understand the results