Open Ended Questions

Find out how your employees are feeling.

Open-ended questions are often thought to be essential in gathering feedback. They deliver detailed, insightful information that can inform appropriate actions. With the qualitative data collected, you are literally reading what people may or may not be saying if they were asked in person.

You can browse through the responses to questions set during the Survey Question Setup through the Open-Ended Questions Tab.

The left panel displays the Questions List for that particular cycle, which you can use to switch behind answers for different questions. 

Collecting feedback is simply the first step. As you collect more responses over time, be it numerically as an Engagement Score, a ratio through your eNPS score, or verbatim responses via Open-Ended questions, you are building a repository of data to make decisions that will truly impact your organization. To know more about how to present your data through the Topic Analysis, refer to this link AI in HR: Topic analysis and retagging.

As managers exploring the new landscape of people analytics, using data to inform your actions requires a thoughtful approach to understanding, measuring, and analyzing the issues that your organization faces. Subjective opinions collected from your employees have to develop towards informed action.


Knowing when to use open-ended questions is just as important as which open-ended questions to ask. Open-ended questions are the most useful when they collect input and ideas on very specific subjects. Hence, it is often very popular to insert an open-ended question after an opinion-scale question to extract more specific information.

For instance, after the eNPS question "How likely are you to recommend XYZ company as a place to work to friends and family?", you may want to add an open-ended question "What is the reason for your answer above?" to tease out further insights into factors that drive employee advocacy.

At EngageRocket, we have seen the following open-ended questions effectively used in employee surveys:

  • If you could change one thing about the organization to make it a better place to work, what would it be? This is the practical version of the popular "magic wand" question and is included in EngageRocket's default set of questions. 

  • My company's core values are...Check-in to see if your employees are truly familiar with the values your organization would like to uphold.

  • What is the one thing you appreciate the most about your manager?

  • What is the one thing that would improve your productivity today?

  • Is there something you'd like to share that isn't covered in this survey? The catch-all question that you may want to add right at the end. 

Tip: Do note that while it may be insightful to ask open-ended questions, overloading a survey with too many will negatively impact participation and the quality of data collected. EngageRocket recommends that for any single survey, no more than 3 open-ended questions should be included. 

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