Grow quick guide: your checklist!

Welcome on board EngageRocket! We can't wait for you to start your first review to allow you and your Reviewees to uncover their strengths and weaknesses for their development.

Here's how easily you can set up your first Grow review in no time.

Step 1. Setting up your organisation

You should have already received the invitation to log on to our platform by our Customer Success team.

The first thing to understand will be the different roles in a 360 review! To find out more, you may click on the link here.

When you log in, the first thing to do is to update and upload your employee list consisting of the reviewees, reviewers, report reviewers and approvers!

Step 2. Creating the review

After setting up the organisation, it's time to create your review on the main page and determine the parameters of the review. This will be where you will be able to define the rater selection methods and the confidentiality thresholds.

Setting up your questionnaire is easy in the next step, you may use your predefined questionnaire if you have your own competency model or create your questions in this page.

Step 3. Adding your reviewees and setting up the communications

Depending on your settings, the Manage reviewees page is where you list your superstars. There are two ways to populate this list, by adding the reviewees or importing a template.

Nearly there! You are able to customise the communications to the various roles to reflect your organisation's voice during the review process.

Step 4. Prepare for launch.. 5,4,3,2,1,.. Take off!

Congratulations! All you have to do now is to launch the review! Select your reviewees on the Manage feedback sessions page and just click on "Begin reviews" to start!

On this same page, you will be able to manage the reviews by closing or scheduling the end date of your review, sending out reminders.

When the review is ongoing, you may view the dashboard to see updates in real-time and reviewees can set up follow up plans with our Action plans feature.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!