Browser Support

How can we look good on your screen.

EngageRocket takes security very seriously. To ensure that your connection and responses are secure, EngageRocket only supports all modern browsers.

You may view reports or perform Admin tasks on your computer, mobile or tablet devices using:

Browser Version
Chrome version 61+
Microsoft Edge version 16+
Mozilla Firefox version 56+
Safari version 12+
Opera version 47+
iOS version 9+
Android version 3+

If you are using an older version, the performance of EngageRocket may be affected. You may still view the reports and take part in the survey but elements on EngageRocket may not look as intended for your best experience.

Why are we no longer supporting Internet Explorer 11?

IE11 is over 7 years old and is found to be missing features we need to build EngageRocket and optimize EngageRocket for speed and performance while ensuring security.

Actually, even Microsoft themselves will be beginning to drop support for Internet Explorer, such that Microsoft Teams no longer support Internet Explorer and Office 365 will be phasing out Internet Explorer.

For any questions, send an email to our responsive support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!