Here's a video guide on the Surveys page:

The Surveys page provides a summary of all your survey cycles in the following states:

  • Pending - Cycles that have unfinished setup 

  • Running - Cycles that are scheduled and started, but have not ended

  • Done - Cycles that have ended

To access your list of surveys, click on Surveys button on the top menu bar. Beyond being a summary of all the surveys but you can also do 7 key actions on this page. Think of it as a 'one-stop shop'!

  1. View Results - Click View Results to access the Dashboard page of the selected cycle.

  2. Edit questions - Click Edit questions to edit questions of the survey

  3. Preview Survey - Only for surveys that are Running or Completed.

  4. Schedule - You can edit the start and end date of the survey under Schedule (Note that Start Date can only be changed for Surveys that are “Pending”) 

  5. Manage comms - Click Manage comms to customise the communication for your survey. You can edit the survey invitation, reminder subjects and messages. Including a QR code (optional) which allows participants to simply scan the code to access the survey. You can also add more reminders using the red "+" button or delete reminders.

  6. Survey Link - Click Survey Link to get a shareable link of the . If the survey is still pending, the link will be a preview of the survey. Conversely, if survey is running, the link will be to the survey answer page.

  7. Actions (...) - Click the three dots next to Manage comms, you could proceed to Edit survey settings or Delete survey. Note that you can only delete a survey with cycles that  are completed. View/hide all cycles - Toggling this option will allow you to see past surveys (that are initially hidden). Toggling it again will collapse to show the latest 2 surveys. 


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