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Maybe it is a special type of reporting (for instance, a report for a matrix manager) or maybe you want to generate a rollup report. Whatever the reason it may be, you can create a custom report under Custom Report tab in EngageRocket. 

This feature allows you to create a report with your defined group of employees for a report owner of your choice.

To create a custom report, first select the survey you wish to extract data for, name the report, then select the report owner. Do note that a report owner has to be either a company admin or a manager in order to receive the custom report.

Once the custom report is created, you will see it under List within the same page. These reports will be computed at the end of the survey along with other direct reports and will be populated onto the report owner's dashboard. To access these reports, the report owner simply has to select it via view mode in his/her own dashboard.

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