Check out this video about how to populate and update your employee list or go to the written guide below.

Populating list of employees

After setting up your attributes (we recommend to start with the attributes, if you haven't already set them up), we proceed to creating your list of employees that would be involved in your surveys. This will take just a little bit of time but it is crucial that we do this right to ensure that the survey experience and results are optimised and errors in data gathering is minimised.

At the Manage Employee screen, click the green Excel button and then click Template to download the Employee List Template (Excel file).

The Employee List Template Excel file is where we will input the employee data according to the attributes that we have set earlier to upload into the EngageRocket database. You will realise that the column headers in the template is in the same order as the attributes set in the previous step.

To ensure that the excel dataset pairs well with the application database at the Import stage, do not change the column header names or add/remove columns in the excel template.

Now, time to punch in the data!

For an extensive discussion on this, do refer to our article Possible Errors while Uploading your Employee List to troubleshoot any issues, if you do experience them.

Updating list of employees

Once in a while, you'll need to update your employee list due to organic changes within your organisation. 

To do so, you can either manually delete/add one by one under the Manage Employees tab, or you may do so by re-uploading a new excel sheet.

Either method you choose, the removal of resigness no longer in employment contracts with your company will have to be done manually. To do so, you can either check all of them by clicking on the checkbox to the left of their name, and click Delete Employee button, or you can click the "x" icon on the right. 

Once the resignees have been removed, you may now export the existing employee list from EngageRocket, and make changes from the list exported.

Do note that EngageRocket recognises employees via their email address and/or unique identifier. You may make changes to any attribute for the employees (keeping their email address and/or unique identifier unchanged) and once the list is uploaded, the changes will be reflected for the respective employees. 

If you change any existing employee's email address and/or unique identifier, the new records will be recognised as brand new employees.

New hires can be added onto the exported list. The same common errors when uploading an employee list on EngageRocket should be noted.

Should you have more questions regarding updating your existing list of employees, do write to us at [email protected]

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