Surveys have become shorter and more focused, a survey method that is gaining traction at a variety of companies is the “pulse” survey—a data collection effort that often involves a briefer, more regular survey. EngageRocket promotes pulse surveys due to the following benefits:

  • Keep data current: Many companies operate in an intense, competitive environment. Keeping a constant close eye on internal trends is crucial for companies to stay nimble amidst rapid changes. Doing a survey once a year is too long of a timeframe to get any accurate data.
  • Shorten feedback loop: Managers get quicker feedback on actions taken for their team and will have enhanced learning curve with each loop completion.
  • Allows habit-building that will shape culture: Habits are formed from regular intended actions. By creating an environment of regular engagement activities, it creates a culture focused on people and performance, that leads to an engaged workplace.
  • Creates an open channel for staff’s voice to be heard: Having regular pulse surveys allow staff to express their views regularly which in turn make them feel cared for and that their opinions count.
  • Allows better understanding on seasonal differences: Having regular measurements allows better understanding of the various factors that affects engagement like performance appraisal cycles, business cycles, workload spikes, bonus payouts, etc.
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