What now? A question you might have after you receive your individual Feedback360 report.

With Action Planner, you can create your own Action Plan to work on personal development based off the results from your Feedback360 Review. 

Under each action plan, you should select a competency you wish to work on and set a viable target date for yourself. 

There are three guiding questions within each action plan:

  1. Why is developing this area important to me?

Every action plan requires a reason for creation, this question is structured to probe individuals to think about the underlying reason on why they want to create an action plan.

  1. What will success look like to me?

Individuals should envision the changes and improvements that they will have in their development after the completion of their action plan.

  1. What are my action items?

It is critical to layout the essential steps that you want to take in order to achieve success in your action plan.

You can also add specific actions tasks that you wish to take in order to achieve your action plan under the “What actions will I take?” segment. You can even set a due date for each action task created.

Once completed, remember to save your action plan and start working on it!

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