Here's a video guide on the permissions page:

The Permission Page

The Permissions Page can be found at the top navbar of your EngageRocket account. Within it, you can set various permissions that can be applied across the different groups that you have created.

By default, there are already two groups of users (Managers & Administrators) pre-created when you enter the Permissions Page. You can create additional groups to your preference by clicking on the “+ Add Group” button on the left panelbar. 

The Permissions Page is split into 3 portions for each group:

  1. Employees
  2. Survey Admin
  3. Reports

In each portion, you have the ability to turn on/off permission access to the various features that are normally shown to all users in the particular group you have selected. 

Once satisfied, click on “Save Changes” to have your permissions updated for the group. 

Do note that some permissions are set by default (greyed out toggle buttons) for the two pre-created groups, please do contact us if you need to have this amended. 

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