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Survey Overview

The goal of the Survey Overview is to provide a high-level view of the survey results:

  1. Click the drop-down menus for Survey and/or Cycle to see the results of the survey you want. 
  2. This is the overall engagement score of your survey. It’s calculated by averaging the scores for each EngageRocket standard engagement driver.
  3. Here you can see the trend of you engagement score. Hover over to see each cycle’s score!
  4. You can download the survey scores by clicking on either Excel or PDF (stay patient, there might be a few seconds of delay for PDF). If you’re an admin, you can also choose to see the engagement score for one specific manager by changing the View Mode from Group Overall to the manager of your choice. 

If you scroll down on your dashboard, you will see the Key Insights

The key insights tell you:

  1. An area in which you excel or have experienced a large increase since your latest survey
  2. An area in which you score low or have experienced a large decrease since your latest survey
  3. Any anomaly in the survey results that you should be aware off
  4.  Your eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)

Scroll all the way to the bottom, and get an easy overview of the driver scores. 

  1. Here you can see the results for each driver in the survey. The score is an average of every question you have included in the particular driver. You will also see the change in each driver score from the previous cycle.
  2. Click on a driver, and you will see the survey scores for each question. 


The Compare tab is where you can split the survey scores by your different attributes (e.g. manager, department, country, etc.). Note that only company admins have access to Compare.

In the example above, it is evident that Ritchie’s overall score for Clear Expectations is low. The score is an average of all the questions that were asked for this particular driver.

If you want to split the scores by another attribute, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Click the + symbol in ‘Select Drivers’.
  2. Select the attribute you would like to add. Alternatively, you may scroll to the bottom of this dropdown menu and click ‘Toggle all’ to select all options.


In the Open-Ended tab, you can read all the open comments that employees have left. 

  1. If you have several open-ended questions, you can choose the question in the question list on the left-hand side. 
  2. This is where you can read all the comments from your employees.
  3. If you only want to see the comments from a specific manager, department, or country, you can filter the comments by clicking Attributes and choose the option you want.

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