EngageRocket Employee Engagement module services 3 types of users. Company administrators, people managers, employees. In the eyes of EngageRocket, company admins are in charge. So if you are one, reading this guide, kudos to you in leading the efforts to raise engagement in your company. 

The difference between the 3 groups of users are:

  1. Only company admin and people managers get access to dashboards via app.engagerocket.co, while employees will receive invites and reminders to participate in surveys. 
  2. Only company admin gets access to survey admin panel which allows them to create/edit/delete surveys, communications and employee details. Essentially, company admin will be able to Manage Employees, Setup Surveys, Setup Communications

3. Company admin gets access to data from all employees aka "Bird's eye view" of the entire group, while managers only has access to data from employees tagged to him/her.


Need support from your colleagues? Sure thing! Let's see how we can add a colleague as company admin. 

Under Manage Employees, find your colleague's record. You may do this simply by searching for your colleague's email using the filter function.

Once you have found your colleague's record, click on the edit button on the right, find "Type" and change that from "Employee" to "Company Admin". That's it!

Once you have selected "Company Admin" and clicked "save", EngageRocket will automatically notify your colleague with an email for his/her login. Here is an example of the email.

Note: Do note that if you are retiring from your role as a company admin, you will first need to add another company admin. Once the new company admin has logged in, he or she can then make adjustments to your role in the same way. 

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