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After you have finished with your pre-survey setup, it's time to create the actual survey. At the top bar, find survey admin and select create new survey. Now you are at step one of the survey set up.

Survey Frequency

A one-off survey is one that will only take place once. A continuous survey will recur every week, month, or quarter. For a continuous survey, you will need to decide on how often you’d like the survey to be sent out. For example, a monthly survey means a new cycle of survey will automatically be sent out every month, unless you choose to manually pause or stop it. When running a continuous survey, you will be able to compare the data across different cycles afterwards.

Survey Name and Audience

Enter a name for your survey and the targeted audience - a team or all employees. 

Customise Survey Scale

Depending on your survey needs and preferences, you can set the scale anywhere from 0-10. Simply click on edit scale to choose the starting and end point of your scale. You can also choose to edit the label of or your scale here. 

Do note that you can only use one type of scale for each survey to ensure consistency of data collected but if you’d like to incorporate other types of question such as multiple choice, this can be done in the second step of the survey set up.

Confidentiality Threshold

Confidentiality threshold is the minimum number of responses required to display survey results. For example, if the confidentiality threshold is set to 3, this means that if only two responses are submitted, then survey results will not be displayed to protect confidentiality of survey participants. However, if there are 3 or more responses, then survey results will be displayed. 

Although you can minimize the confidentiality threshold to one response only, we do recommend a minimum of 3 responses to ensure data integrity. This is especially so if you are running an employee engagement survey.

When you have finished with these settings, click next step to proceed to survey question setup.

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