Want to simply focus on what is the most pressing? Sure thing.

Beyond the Survey Overview on your dashboard, EngageRocket highlights two areas most in need of your attention, and we go one step further to provide you with suggested actions to take in the Opportunities Tab. 

You will be able to view two drivers presented to you as opportunities. They are either your lowest performing drivers or the driver with the biggest drop in score based on previous rounds. 

The Opportunities Tab also provides a handy comparison between your particular Team and the overall average score obtained by the Group, i.e. everyone who took the survey within that cycle, for that particular Driver, along with a visualisation of how that particular Driver has fared over time.

This can be interesting to note, in particular for Managers who are trying to understand if the reasons why their Team is falling behind is endemic to their Department or could be caused by dissonance from the entire organization.

Do you find your team repeatedly scoring low in Recognition?

Find relevant articles targeted towards that particular driver by exploring the Recommendations list.

Clicking on the Recommendations button links you to a list of possible Actions to take to target that particular driver. You can even find a full list of resources in our Action Centre, which is constantly updated with new ideas to inspire Managers in their process of responding to the feedback they receive. 

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