Check out this video about setting up a survey or go to the written guide below.

Welcome to the second step of your survey setup: questions! 

EngageRocket uses a list of 27 research-backed questions that we recommend to customers that would be able to give a good indication of employee engagement in the company. You will notice that the Drivers and Questions have been preset for you based on this. We normally advise customers to use our standard list of questions if they have not yet done a comprehensive research process of validating their own questions to measure engagement. 

Customise Questions and Drivers

You can easily add or change drivers and questions in the list as you wish. Toggling the knob between green and red enables or disables that question for that survey. 

Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to change the existing question as you wish. Once you save the changes, you will notice a red dot and the text "Show standard question" appear near the pencil icon to indicate that the question is different from our standard driver question.

Click on "Show standard question" to view the original standard driver question if you would like to refer to that.

Add a new Custom Driver by clicking on "Add new driver" at the bottom of the question pane, type in a name for the Driver and then click Create. The new Driver will appear at the end of the list of Drivers. 

You can also add new questions under an existing driver or a new driver. To add a question, simply click on add question. Input the question and select the type of question  – scale, open ended, yes/no, or multiple choice. If you select the required box, that means the survey participant must answer this question in the survey and it cannot be skipped. When you are finished, click on save and your question should be added.

You will notice the default EngageRocket questions have already been translated but any new question added will require manual translation.

Re-ordering Questions and Drivers

Questions and drivers can also be easily re-ordered according to your preference. Click on reorder drivers or reorder questions. Then, drag and drop the drivers or questions according to your preference. Click on finish you are done.

Once you are happy with the questions that you've set, click Next Step.

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