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What are Attributes?

Attributes are variables that are added to each employee so that they can be aggregated into different cuts when results are available for meaningful comparisons. 

You can add attributes to each employee such as who their manager is, which department they belong to, their gender or even their tenure. They also form the column headers for your employees list.

Figure 1: The red box in the picture example above highlights what attributes look like in EngageRocket's Excel template.

What are some common attributes?

Attributes are useful as it allows you to slice and dice your data. Some common attributes created are:

  • Department
  • Length of Service (Tenure)
  • Age Range
  • Location
  • Performance Grade
  • Job Level
  • Branch/Outlet

To create an attribute, click on Employees, then click on Attributes. Here, you will see the list of attributes that you can set for your employee database of your survey. 

The Managers attribute would already be set for you by default and is the only Attribute that you cannot remove, because that is the attribute that sets the relationship between your managers and their subordinates. 

To add Attributes, click on the ADD ATTRIBUTE button to get to the ADD NEW ATTRIBUTE page. Set the name of your Attribute, click to check the Enable box, and then click CREATE to set the Segments in your Attribute.

Nice! Once you are done with setting your attributes, the next step is to Populate the Employee List!

To understand how to slice and dice your data, check out this article on The Compare Tab.

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